January 7, 2014

January 7, 2014

Special Sauce

Despite the polar vortex smothering much of the country, and a transit system that didn’t even have the common decency to start on fire this morning, it is a great day, my friends.


Arby’s is offering its condiments in bottles, restoring my faith in humanity for another day. Ish.

It’s not that the horsey sauce is the best part of the Arby’s sandwich, but it’s an integral part. And now I can apply that integral part to whatsoever I wish. The possibilities are limited only by the contents of my larder, and you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s a pretty well-stocked larder.

(In anticipation of an upcoming move, I resolved yesterday not to go grocery shopping until I’ve relocated. I checked my fridge, freezer, and pantry and determined that I’m set until at least April. Preservatives ftw.)

Note that these are available for a limited time at Arby's stores, so you'll want to get my housewarming/engagement present sooner rather than later. Ahem.

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