May 16, 2014

May 16, 2014

24-Hour Game Show Marathon

In addition to being people that I tolerate and occasionally admire, my friends do a lot of good. They volunteer. They donate money. They create elaborate game show software and play said games for 24 hours straight while broadcasting the whole thing on the internet.

Indeed, it’s time once again for the 24-Hour Game Show Marathon.

In a nutshell: On Saturday (TOMORROW), friends-of-blog Cory, Bob, and Christian will be playing a series of game shows, broadcasting the whole 24 hours (the good, the bad, and the drunken) at In addition to watching them attempt Jeopardy!, Pyramid, Family Feud, and such, you can (and should!) donate to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Because that’s sort of the whole point of the GSM. It's not just three dudes and their friends having a good time. It's three dudes and their friends have a good time and helping sick kiddos.

There’s a little something for everybody in the full schedule, whether you’re a Brit, a Yank, or just a person who enjoys the phrase “Golden Balls.” Ideally, you would watch the whole 24 hours straight, but unless you're a Schlaag den Raab watcher, you may not have built up that stamina yet.

To Cory, Bob, and Christian: Here’s hoping the third GSM is the best one yet. May the power of Bradley Walsh be with you. (Also, how about The Cube for GSM4?)

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