June 20, 2014

June 20, 2014

In My Opinion: Oblivion

As a married* homeowner*/misanthrope**, I don’t get to the movie theater as much as I used to. Frankly, in a world of Redbox, Netflix, and the internet, I can’t be convinced to spend $20 and two hours in the presence of strangers eating loudly. Bah humbug. Anyway. We watched Oblivion recently and I had some thoughts. Here be spoilers.

  • Tom Cruise is still not aging, and I remain okay with that. If he’s going to run from/after things for the next several decades, he’ll need to be physically fit. To quote Wikipedia: “The single most difficult scene to film in the entire movie was when Harper takes a break to admire the view and waters a flower; it was filmed by having Cruise sit next to an 800-foot (250 meters) drop at the top of Iceland's Jarlhettur on the root of Langjökull, a peak that the crew nicknamed Earl's Peak, which is only accessible by helicopter.” I can’t imagine Johnny Depp doing this. (Will Smith, maybe.)
  • Clean dystopian futures are my favorite futures. I appreciated the stark color schemes and design of everything alien-designed, whether Tom Cruise’s house, spaceship, or the HAL-esque big bad revealed at the film’s climax. I may be human, but I am a neat freak first. If an alien race comes to earth that can tidy this place up a bit, then YES PLEASE.
  • Still not 100% clear on how you’d get all of humanity to agree to a mind wipe—or even how that would work. If it’s not consensual, then how many times have we been mind-wiped without realizing it? Has Kim Kardashian been married EVEN MORE TIMES?
  • The ending, in which Julia ends up with Tom Cruise clone #52, is admittedly creepy, even if you consider that the rest of the movie starred Tom Cruise clone #49. Perhaps I just need to get more comfortable with the concept of clones. Like, if you could clone a now-dead friend or relative, and have them come back exactly like the person you remembered, would you go for it?
Oblivion was based on a comic book graphic novel, so it translated well to screen. Didn’t do so well at the box office, probably because there were no vampires or kids killing each other for sport. (Don’t hate; I love the Hunger Games. Twilight, not so much.)

* New for 2014!
** Not new for 2014.

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