August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

Know-It-Alls: District Trivia

(Follow-up from last time: I actually got the opportunity to use 'oxt' on vacation. Only TheBoy caught it, but I'm hopeful that it's like ebola: just the one occurrence can lead to a worldwide outbreak.)

(Too soon?)

While at this year’s World Quizzing Championships (856th, baby), I ran into a guy who invited me to play on his pub trivia team. I think the technical term for this is “networking,” though I don’t really understand human social interaction well enough to be sure. Bottom line: I’ve dipped a toe into the District Trivia waters and now I’m a wee bit obsessed.

District Trivia is one of a number of companies that run regular trivia games at DC-area bar/pub/restaurants. Your town—assuming you live in a somewhat-populated area—probably has a similar setup. During my recent visit back to Milwaukee, I was shocked to learn that at least two (TWO!) companies are running bar trivia there. Good old Milwaukee.

Anyhoo, District Trivia runs a robust game, and I say that as a Mensan quiz show champion.

(Allow me to pause a minute to finish patting myself on the back.)

Nearly a hundred questions are asked over the course of the evening, with over four hundred points available. (Details on playing and scoring can be found on the DT website.) The question writers are mostly (possibly entirely) bros, so there’s more sports than I’d like. Then again, I’m not the one writing five nights’ worth of trivia for dozens of venues every week. It’s probably pretty labor-intensive, and quite possibly my dream job.

Previously, I hadn’t done a lot of team trivia, because I myself personally know a lot of stuff (see: Mensan quiz show champion, above). But playing in a team definitely helps with my blind spots (e.g. 20th century popular music, pop culture of the 1960s/70s/80s, sports) and reaffirms my dedication to knowledge. For example, we were discussing naval ranks. Someone mentioned that US ranks mirror British ones. No fewer than three people quickly piped up that the US no longer has Commodores. That sort of thing doesn’t happen a whole lot to me outside pub trivia. Or ever.

Plus, when I know something no one else does on the team, it brings me great joy, of the type I assume other people get from having kids. (There has to be some reason they keep doing that.) Like when I knew what grawlix were. Or where you’d find a recombobulation area. Or all the Presidents in order. (Should the Books of the Bible ever come up, I may literally explode in happiness. But only after completing the worksheet.)

So, look, finals are coming up in September, and I’m pretty psyched. If you’re local, I will probably ask you to play. If you’re not local, you’re of no use to me consider finding your own local trivia situation. It’s a way to interact with people without really interacting and possibly also proving that you’re smarter than they are. WIN-WIN. Oh, and you'll probably get food and drink. WIN-WIN-WIN.

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