February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

February in a Nutshell

Spent quite a lot of time on my recent New York City visit in and around Greenwich Village. I’d always assumed the New York version of me would live on the Upper West Side, but I really dug the village. I don’t know what this means.

Anyway, the highlight of the trip was seeing one of the final Hamilton previews. It’s a hip-hop musical about the founding father, and my thoughts on it are still coalescing. Brilliant stuff. Truly brilliant.

Still recovering from the Oscars, which weren’t even four hours but have me feeling tired today. I blame Eastern Time and my advancing years. My notes on the show boil down thus:

1. Fantastic speeches.
2. Lady Gaga was surprisingly good.
3. Neil Patrick Harris was a bit of a disaster.

Reading Tales from the Perilous Realm (first time) in preparation for re-reading The Silmarillion. I’ve reading LotR dozens of times but the Silm maybe two or three times. A travesty.

Working on a blog about “best instrumental TV theme songs” that started as a threeve and is now probably going to be a top ten. Even if you scrupulously define “best” and “instrumental,” there are a LOT of good ones. The top two remain immovable: Mission: Impossible and Hawaii: Five-O. Number three fluctuates between The Rockford Files, Bluestone 42, Parks and Recreation, and a number of others.

Appalachian Outlaws has popped back into my Hulu queue, and the stakes appear to be HIGHER than EVER this season. Directly correlated: the amount of subtitles I need to understand what's going on. Actual quote from the episode I watched yesterday: "I know where there's a good honey hole at." I love to diagram sentences but come on, REALLY.

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