March 3, 2015

March 3, 2015

50 Shades of STEM

Tonight, I get one step closer to scientist bingo by attending a lecture by Dr. Michio Kaku at Sixth & I.

I just need Bill Nye to come back to D.C. and I’ll be set. TheBoy has already seen both Bill Nye *and* Michio Kaku, but he argues that Stephen Hawking should be on the card and I’m like “ARE YOU MAKING THE RULES OR WHAT?” Next thing I know, he’s going to tell me to put women on the card or something similarly ridiculous.

Anyway. Science.

I think I nerded out hardest over Brian Greene, because The Elegant Universe has blown my mind during regular re-watches over the past decade. But should I ever get to ask Bill Nye a question, there’s no question I’m going with “Why do we have seasons? BECAUSE THE EARTH IS TILTED.”

[Related: In searching for that clip, I found a number of full length Bill Nye episodes on YouTube. Danger, Will Robinson!]

It’s not that I’m opposed to adding to the scientist bingo card. But I want true revolutionaries of theory. Nothing applied. Nothing I can understand. The current frontrunner is Yitang Zhang, a New Hampshire mathematician who apparently determined the range (or “bound gap”*) within which you are guaranteed to find two prime numbers. Reminder: I don’t really get why this is something we need to know, or how you would calculate it. Therein lies the beauty.

Now how to get him on the lecture circuit?

* Could be all the 50 Shades of Zeitgeist talking, but does this sound a little dirty? Mathematicians, you saucy minxes!

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