June 3, 2015

June 3, 2015

Of Game Show Marathons and World Quizzing Championships

The time has come, the blogger said, to talk of other things: of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings of two of the highlights of my quizzing year.

First, it’s once again time for the 24-Hour Game Show Marathon. Friends-of-blog Cory, Bob, and Chris are running the shindig, and other quiz world celebrities are scheduled to appear. Most importantly, it’s all for a good cause: this year, Child’s Play. So even if you can’t tune in on Saturday, please go here and donate what you can. But, really, you’ll want to tune in on Saturday because as much as I love these guys, they’re insane. Insanity + no sleep + game shows x charity = win. Unearth your heart and do it.

Also on Saturday—along with D-Day and the Belmont Stakes because time is a flat circle—this year’s World Quizzing Championships. Check the website for your nearest venue (I'll be in Severna Park, Maryland) and sample questions. If you decide to go, take some pens and a lot of patience. This is the hardest, least-satisfying test I take all year, and you know how much I love tests. I myself am hoping to break the top 850 this year, but WHO KNOWS.

Add in the Tonys on Sunday, and it’s a big weekend all around. Gird your loins. Sharpen your brainpan. Book your Uber.

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