September 15, 2015

September 15, 2015

The State of the TV Schedule: Fall 2015

It’s with some reluctance that I turn my thoughts from summer to fall TV. In general, I delight in putting summer behind me: summer is the season of no school, hot weather, and entirely too much daylight. Blurgh. But this summer was an embarrassment of television riches, people. Difficult People made me laugh wickedly. UnREAL convinced me once and for all that I needn’t watch anything that includes the word “bachelor.” Mr. Robot tickled my dystopian bone. Like I said, an embarrassment of television riches.

Alas, all good things must come to a Shonda-declared end. Thus I present the State of the TV Schedule: Fall 2015.

Minority Report – I liked the movie a lot, and while this series has 100% less Neal McDonough, I’m hopeful just the same.

NCIS – At some point, this show will end, disappointing me and millions of senior citizens. Until that day, I’m in.

Modern Family

Heroes Reborn – Hiro + HRG? Yes please.
How to Get Away with Murder

Shark Tank – To my surprise, this is the show I’ve been missing most. Nothing like seeing people’s pitches rewarded and/or crushed accordingly.

The Last Man on Earth – I didn't expect to like this show nearly as much as I do. It's a gem, even if your Will Forte mileage varies.

Undecided: Quantico, Limitless, Project Greenlight

Watching, but not on network TV: The Mindy Project, The Man in the High Castle, Manhattan


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