September 18, 2016

September 11, 2016

September 11, 2016

Wisconsin State Fair 2016

This year marked the 160th Wisconsin State Fair. While I have only attended a fraction of that number, my excitement for deep fried everything was whetted even before I saw this sign:

As veteran readers know, my State Fair activities fall into two broad categories: activities and food. When it comes to activities, I make sure to hit the Exposition Center first thing, so my views of Wonder Mops and Miracle Choppers are unobstructed. My favorite how-am-I-living-without-this item this year were the salt lamps.

They cure everything, have been seen on every channel, and last for life. I particular dig the Food Channel endorsement, since I assume that means they are lickable straight out of the box.

Let’s also not forget the chance to support purveyors of little-known local goods.

Foam cheese top hat? Don’t mind if I DO.

Anyway, 45 minutes or so later, I emerge from the aisles of VitaMixers and head for the Schlitz-Audubon Center’s Sky Hunters: Birds of Prey program. The same birds tend to appear year after year, and it’s near to see them grow. Or not grow, as in the case of Dory the tiny owl.

This bald eagle, Valkyrie, was all brown just a few years ago. Now, she’s simultaneously majestic and able to slice your neck open. Kind of the perfect symbol of our country, really.

The animals are also a must-see, if only because it’s State Fair tradition. If the farmers can drive their livestock hours to the city, the least I can do is walk over and look at their butts.

Or watch as they race each other:

By the end of which, I’m obviously a bit puckish and ready to begin with the NOSHES. This year, I started with the traditional combination plate from Saz’s:

When I ordered two—one for me and one for TheBoy—the vendor assumed I misspoke. Um. NOPE. This baby's all mine.

Next, duck fajita:

Strawberry milk:

Deep fried Snickers on a stick:

Cruller on a stick (regular AND chocolate flavored):

Deep fried cream cheese on a stick:

Deep fried cookie dough on a stick:

So tasty, guys. So tasty.

By this point, I was feeling rather charitable towards humanity in general, so I took a swing past the prize winning fruits/vegetables/baked goods:

Sat through a couple of magicians and jugglers on the family stage:

And ended with a ride on the SkyGlider:

Until next year, Wisconsin State Fair. Keep the fry oil warm.